Christos Arvantakis has developed a strong reputation for constructing homes with timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail.

Founder, Christos Arvanitakis is a local builder and native resident of Paxos, Greece. Specializing in building, construction and management of luxury villas, project management and consultancy. Christos has the unique capabilities and knowledge of knowing this unique and beautiful landscape and has the experience to navigate the challenges of building on the island.

Over the past 25 years in Paxos, we have had the pleasure to build a wide variety of custom homes always with respect to the natural beauty of the islands lanscape, the traditional architecture, and highest quality materials to that compliment the aesthetic of the island.

Beyond the fundamentals of home building, we serve in the multi-faceted roles required to bring your vision to a stunning reality. Our team creates and oversees a comprehensive set of directives for the design and construction of your home. We then work closely with you, the design team, vendors, and trade contractors to fine-tune the execution of every detail. We oversee the entire project from concept to completion while keeping the budget and schedule in check.

“We pride ourselves with superior quality and craftsmanship. Always on-time and within budget.”
~ Christos Arvanitakis


Christos Arvanitakis is a native resident and currently resides on the beautiful island of Paxos, Greece. From an early age he began to work in the field of construction, and was educated and taught by the traditional and experienced craftsmen in the art of stone and traditional plaster.

Since 1999, Christos Arvanitakis has specialized in luxury home building, construction, management and consulting.

With more than 25 years of construction and management experience, Christos has vast knowledge of the landscape, traditional construction and building methods and has a solid team of skilled craftsmen unique to the island of Paxos.